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Thank you to everyone who donated to the 2017 campaign!
Your support will help build more vibrant spaces for healthy food in low-income communities across Canada. 

My food hero is

my auntie,
I love it when it's just the two of us in the kitchen. I feel like we can do anything together – we even learned how to make veggie sushi!
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My food hero is

my father,
When my mom passed away 20 years ago, my dad took over as the cook in our house. He always had this value of keeping our family together through food. To this day he still invites us over once a week for a meal.
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My food hero is

my mentor,
She taught me how to knead bread and make ice cream. But more than that, she taught me that food is community and community is love. She inspired me to become the best baker – and person – I can be.
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My food hero is

my friend,
When I walk into to her house and I smell her food cooking – there’s cinnamon, and cumin and paprika. The children are playing, there are people talking, and it just makes me feel like I’ve come home.
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My food hero is

my husband,
Toby loves to cook and takes a lot of pride in making food for our family. I love that our son is growing up with a love of food and an understanding of the value of sharing meals together.
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Give the food hero in your life a gift that shows how much they mean to you -- a donation that will ensure more low-income Canadians can access the healthy food and support they need.

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Every donation to Community Food Centres Canada ensures more low-income Canadians have the good food and support we all need to thrive. Donate today and we’ll send your food hero a tribute card and gift on your behalf. 
Food hero story by test A
Food hero story by Test A
Food hero story by Charlotte Langley A

Your Donation Counts

Too many of our fellow Canadians can't afford a healthy meal, feel hopeless, cut off from their neighbours. At Community Food Centres Canada, we build vibrant, food-focused places where people can have a delicious meal, cook and garden together, find friends and support, and become forces for change.

The reach

  • 120 communities impacted
  • 110,000 healthy meals served
  • 1,250 food skills program sessions offered
  • 1,050 community action sessions offered

The change

  • 93% of people surveyed say their Community Food Centre is an important source of healthy food
  • 52% have noticed improvements in their physical health
  • 92% feel they belong to a community at their Community Food Centre

A growing movement

  • 100 partner organizations in 56 cities
  • 20,000+ people attended community good food events
  • 100,000s of people reached with a new conversation about how an investment in good food can be the start of individual and social change

Every donation counts.

With your help, we can have a greater impact on more lives in 2018.