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my friend, Rhonda

Dan Willis, Director of Sales and Media for PUBLICITA Online Marketing, writes about his food hero, Rhonda Barron, and why he donated to Community Food Centres Canada this holiday season:

I’d like to take a moment to recognize #myfoodhero. 

I just made a small donation in honour of Rhonda Barron to Community Food Centres Canada, an organization that helps low-income Canadians with empowering food programs that help build better health, hope and belonging.
Since I have known Rhonda, I have seen her tirelessly build up her community around healthy choices and food security. Sometimes, programs that she has had a hand in have faltered, like when, after grouping together like-minded households to share in a fresh food basket-buying program, participants who had paid into the plan were not picking up. Her homegrown program had the best of intentions, but being left with bushels of summer-fresh produce with only a family of five to feed became, as would be expected, quickly unmanageable!
One of the first new programs Rhonda developed when joining Bridges Community Health Center was a “Good Food Box” program. This time the program stuck and many families are well served with their monthly fresh food baskets; products of Niagara bounty.
At home Rhonda insists that food is nourishing and sensible. Packaged foods are eschewed and fast food plainly derided. “Cook once, eat twice” is a mantra often heard where we live and Sunday afternoons are usually spent chopping, stewing, preparing and wrapping the coming week’s repasts.
Rhonda has taught me the importance of eating local; supporting our local farmers at the market or at the roadside vegetable stands and always checking the counties of origin on labels of tantalizing but too-well traveled fruits. Here, her purchases take on a political hue in addition to a healthy one as she votes with her dollars in support of our local farmers and producers.
Rhonda’s ethical relationship with food extends to its production. Free-range and drug-free labels etc., can be found on the meats that we consume.
Rhonda doesn’t want to be a vegetarian, but she does want to eat like one. Lentils, quinoa, kale and other protein-rich foods make their way into our dishes in place of meat. And while I “rib” her about my list of unpalatable vegetables (beets, uck – kale, why? – brussel sprouts? – No, parsnips please) on more than one occasion her beseeching, “Just try it,” has resulted in, “Mmm, that’s good.”
Family meals, grab and go meals or just a quiet coffee break are better for me now. I don’t take food or my health for granted. I shop more carefully and am even a better (but not much better) cook.
And that is why Rhonda is #myfoodhero.

Thanks to Dan for making a donation to the #myfoodhero campaign, which supports Community Food Centres Canada to offer empowering food programs that build better health, skills, and belonging in the communities that need it most. Join Dan by making a donation today!

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