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Making family meals a priority made a huge impact My Food Hero Is...
my mom, Susan

My food hero is my mom  known on my blog as Ma McCarthy. Growing up, both my parents worked full time jobs and I think this is where I get my strong work ethic from, watching my mom get up at 5:30am so she could be at the lab where she worked eight hours from 7-3pm. She worked those hours to ensure she was home to make dinner for my older brother and I when we came home from school. Every weekday unless we were at a friend’s house for dinner, my mom made dinner for all of us to sit down and have family time. My dad often took over the duties on the weekend.

During the week, my mom was always so organized with meal prep. She and my dad would grocery shop together every single Saturday morning and as a child I would often join. We would pick out produce together and get all the essentials for a week’s worth of meals. Some of my favourite dishes my mom made (and still makes) were her sweet and sour meatballs, baked beans, roast beef or stuffed Cornish hen with all the fixings. My mom also made wonderful desserts too like baked apples, apple crisp and peanut butter cookies.

My dad is my food hero too and an amazing cook!

He loved making dishes where he could get creative and spend hours perfecting it. My dad’s Bolognese, seafood pasta and chili con carne were incredibly memorable and delicious! One thing is for sure, both of my parents put love and good intention into everything they made for my brother and me. I remember so fondly music playing in the background and my dad whistling as he was sautéing onions for a big pasta sauce he would make on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I’m sure when I was a hormonal teenager I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now looking back. I’m so glad my parents made meal time such a priority because it taught me the importance of togetherness. Now that I’m a mom, having dinner with my husband Walker and our daughter Vienna is something I look forward to every day.

Joy McCarthy is a certified holistic nutritionist, author, and founder of Joyous Health.

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