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Thank you, Mom My Food Hero Is...
my mom, Donna

Picture brown carpet, gold and white wall-paper, and yellow kitchen appliances. It was the 1970s and we were middle-class. My Mom made a higher income than my Dad but despite that, took about seven years out of work to raise my sister and I.
My mom and I used to have snacks together, play together, and I’d watch her exercise. Sometimes we’d bake cookies. I would use the sifter. “Now Mom can I use the thing?” 

“Not yet Kyle,” she’d say.

One of my favourite toys was a little blender.

In nursery school, we made these little recipe card holders out of paper cups and plaster, and a clothes-peg. She used it and I was so proud.  

Even when Mom became a successful real estate agent, and once again was earning more income than my Dad, she still managed to get all the grocery shopping done and have dinner made for us all, most nights. It was a thankless job, but I never heard her complain once. If only I could go back and say, “thank you” for the thousands of meals, and hundreds of trips to the grocery store.

Mom is a little over 70 now and still insists on making a huge dinners for us. When I go home, the first thing she does is list all the food in the house. “I thawed some cauliflower soup if you want a snack, and we have cottage cheese and fruit. For dinner we are having…” and on it goes. Every time.

Professionally I help people eat better and I give to Community Food Centres Canada so others can have better food in their lives. And I too, when company arrives, immediately list all the food I have for them.
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