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my auntie, Eartha

"Sticky rice hands" is one of my favourite cooking moments with my Auntie Eartha! It is our inside joke. Either one of us only need to utter those three words and we'll both start to giggle.

This moment is special to me because my Aunt took the time to teach me how to make one of my favourite foods to eat: California rolls. Even though rolling sushi is not something my Aunt had done before, she researched recipes, watched YouTube how-to videos, purchased authentic ingredients and equipment, including bamboo mats, and told me that we would treat this as a fun-filled arts and crafts project. We were both learning new things - in more ways than one.

To make sushi, first you need to cook the sticky rice (you must use short grain rice). As the rice cooks, prepare your vegetables. With making this dish, I learned how to prepare and chop three types of vegetables: avocado, cucumber, carrots. I also learned how to carefully insert a knife into the avocado seed, twist it and remove. Then, we lay out our bamboo mats, topped it with saran wrap and then the roasted seaweed. We wet the palm of our hands, scooped a handful of rice, rolled it into a ball, and flattened it onto the roasted seaweed. What happened next left us both with the smoothest hands.

My Auntie Eartha and I discovered that if you get enough sticky rice stuck to your hands while attempting to make sushi, when you wash it off, you'll have unbelievably smooth hands! We were both shocked and amazed by this new discovery. These are things I will always remember.

My Auntie Eartha is fun to be around, she's adventurous and is teaching me how (and why) to cook. I got my little brothers to eat spinach without them knowing when she taught me how to make the perfect spinach, orange and mango smoothie.  I've also learned how to make mini pizza bites using zucchini. They were delicious! I get excited when we book time to cook together and she rolls in with her suitcase filled with fresh ingredients. My Auntie Eartha is my food hero.

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