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my mentor, Lisa

When I was a child, I always knew that food and community went hand in hand but I never knew exactly why or how. As I got older and started discovering and investing in my relationship with food, I started to understand why I had always made that connection and that was because of Lisa.
From when I was a small child, someone would talk about food and I would automatically think of Lisa. She was and is, this figure of creativity, hard work, inspiration, hope and love that I always and still look to. But what makes Lisa my food hero is not that she taught me how to properly knead dough or how to make ice cream, it's that she taught me that food is community and community is love and to get the most out of food, it's best for it to be shared with your community.
Instead of just teaching me, Lisa showed me this power of food by asking me to work at events in the community with her to see how one wonderful bite of food can make someones day absolutely magical and unforgettable. To this day, Lisa continues to work in the community to show the power of food and to teach the younger generation about the importance of food and community. This is why Lisa is my food hero.
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