Your Donation Counts

People who live in low-income communities are facing a health crisis. But it doesn't have to be that way.  You can ensure that low-income Canadians have a warm, delicious meal not just during the holidays but all year round, and a place to go to find friends and support and contribute to their community.

Building Stronger Communities

At Community Food Centres Canada, we use food as a tool to build better health and belonging in low-income communities. Our vision is a Canada where everyone can access good food with dignity. Here’s what our donors helped us do last year.

The reach

  • 120 communities impacted
  • 110,000 healthy meals served
  • 1,250 food skills program sessions offered
  • 1,050 community action sessions offered

The change

  • 93% of people surveyed say their Community Food Centre is an important source of healthy food
  • 52% have noticed improvements in their physical health
  • 92% feel they belong to a community at their Community Food Centre

A growing movement

  • 100 partner organizations in 56 cities
  • 20,000+ people attended community good food events
  • 100,000s of people reached with a new conversation about how an investment in good food can be the start of individual and social change

Every donation counts.

With your help, we can have a greater impact. Donate before Dec. 31 and our generous friends at Precision Nutrition will match every gift up to $30,000.

Show your appreciation
for your Food Hero

Every donation to Community Food Centres Canada ensures more low-income Canadians have the good food and support we all need to thrive. Donate today and we'll send your food hero a tribute card and small gift on your behalf.